Garden, Your Health Warden.

Gardening is very simple, It takes a little time. Really anyone can grow plants pretty easily.

Planting a garden provides enjoyment, gardening gives the entire family a chance to work together. Gardening activity sometimes involves social interaction. Home gardens helps us to increase the intake of vegetables, greens and fruits significantly it increases our malnutrition.

Growing our own food has many health benefits,

  1. Instant access of vegetables and fruits we need.
  2. Lower your grocery bills.
  3. Improves your health.
  4. Garden provides an opportunity to make a positive environmental impact.
  5. You decide what kind of fertilizers and pesticides come in contact with your food.
  6. It lets you control when to harvest the food.
  7. Vegetables that ripen in the garden have more nutrients than some store bought vegetables that must be picked early.

If you grow food without pesticides and insecticides you will spare the earth the burden of unnecessary water and air pollution.

If you are interested in growing food in your backyard, indoor or anywhere

  • Start small, and plant things you really would like to eat.
  • Use good and condominate free soil
  • Choose a place where at least six hours of sunlight will be available
  • Use good water source.

A compost pile helps you to recycle your kitchen waste products into a nutrition rich compost for the garden

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